Autumnal Ayurveda Cleanse - 9/23 - 9/25

Autumnal Ayurveda Cleanse with Greens on the Go

Monday, September 23 - Wednesday, September 25

Pryority is excited for another collaboration with New Canaan's own Greens on the Go, bringing you a mind-body Autumnal cleanse.

According to Ayurveda, the change of seasons is a critical time to detoxify and nourish your body. Seems like the first day of fall is the perfect time to begin a cleanse!

Our three day Ayurveda Fall Cleanse includes:

  • Three meals per day, comprised of Kitchari - an easy to digest, protein packed food that supports detox, fat burning and rejuvenation.

  • Detox tea

  • A Detox Kit, which includes a body brush and tongue scraper

  • One 30 min Ayurvedic Massage (Marma point therapy, which quiets the mind and encourages deep relaxation)

  • Ears Seeds, which are applied on the back of the ears like a little bandage.  Ear seeds are applied to control cravings and support detoxification 

    Over the course of three days, you will nourish and purify your body with healthy food from Greens on the Go, you'll prepare your mind and spirit to eliminate and refresh at the same time.