A Course in Miracles with Donna Matera - Tuesdays, 9/17 - 10/15

A Course in Miracles with Donna Matera

Tuesdays, September 17 - October 15

7 - 8:30 PM

To change ourselves, we must first change our perspective on the philosophy of miracles and awareness. The book and curriculum for A Course in Miracles (ACIM), which was developed by Helen Schucman in the 1970s, is centered around the belief that the greatest “miracle” is the act of simply gaining an awareness of love’s presence in one’s life.

Since the moment we are born we are processing information, building strategies and mental programs that protect our egos and our emotional selves. Although many of us know this, the reality of doing it is difficult. You can’t change your programming with the same mind that created it!

ACIM teaches you how to break the patterns and open up your mind to a whole new reality. It teaches you how to take responsibility for what you have in your life because only from awareness can you change and attract wellness, fulfilling relationships and joy in all aspects of your life.

Join Donna Matera, Reiki Master, an ACIM student and teacher, as she leads a discussion based on the principles of this book. As a spiritual healer, she brings a depth to these teachings that only an enlightened master can bring.