BEMER - It's In Your Blood!

BEMER Vascular Therapy

It’s in your blood. Literary references and song lyrics have long suggested that who we are is in our blood. And when it comes to wellness, that’s not too far off.

Our blood transports the nutrients and fuel our tissue and organ cells require to thrive and survive. It also whisks away cellular waste and toxins that can cause disease and degeneration. 75% of this delivery and elimination process happens in the body’s smallest blood vessels.

Last November during our “Rolling Out The Mats” pop-up event, the Pryority Team featured BEMER mats, the electro magnetic therapy mats that improve microcirculation to those smallest blood vessels, to rave reviews!

This easy, non-invasive therapy requires lying on the BEMER mat for eight minutes, ideally every day. It’s the perfect time to recite affirmations, pray or meditate. You may feel slight warmth as your circulation increases, but most people feel nothing but relaxation.

It’s a highly effective means of therapy for those experiencing cardiovascular or circulatory issues, but just about everyone can benefit from an increase in microcirculation. With improved circulation comes nourished cells, which promotes better healing from injury or following surgery, increased brain power, a properly supported metabolism and overall wellness.

We are glad to welcome you to the Pryority center each day for your BEMER sessions. However, we realize that you could have completed your daily BEMER session in the time it took you to drive to the center. Luckily, Pryority is a BEMER distributor. Now you can purchase or rent a BEMER mat for convenient use in your own home.

The Pryority Team can help you determine what is right for you. Come in, rent or purchase a BEMER mat. No blood oath required.