What’s holding you back from living your best life? What is your dream? In these sessions, your coach will help you set realistic lifestyle goals; identify the roadblocks and challenges that have prevented you from flourishing and  then create a plan of action so that you can flourish!


wellness coaching

Wellness coaching looks at you as a whole person and recognizes that the mind body and spirit have a direct impact on your vitality and well-being.  Together we will come up with a plan which may include recommendations for movement to reduce pain; nutritional guidance; massage therapy or energy therapies to decrease stress as well as other holistic treatments and services which will help you thrive!

Initial session 15 min (complementary)
Follow-up session $160-$250


The initial consultation will begin the process of understanding how what you eat  affects how you feel.

A Clinical Nutritionist will:

  • Work with you to address your health concerns.

  • Answer questions and discuss any conflicting nutritional information.

  • Suggest necessary lifestyle changes required to achieve vibrant health and continued wellness

  • Address body measurements and weight if your specific health issues or plan includes weight reduction

  • Recommend supplements and diagnostic laboratory testing, as needed (these costs are not included in the consultation fee)

For more information, please contact Julie Pryor at or 203-594-1552 (initial consultation and packages available)