Stephanie Coogan, L.Ac

Stephanie earned her Masters in Oriental Medicine through a four-year, post graduate program at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in NYC. This program also included Tuina massage, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. She interned at St. Vincent Hospital in NYC, and during her last internship at school was fortunate enough to study in Bejiing under the study of Dr. Wang.

In her extensive training with licensed acupuncturists, as well as currently working at Silver Hill Psychiatric Hospital and Norwalk’s Integrative Medicine Department, Stephanie has treated a wide range of clients for a broad variety of acute and chronic health issues.  She has specialized in mental/emotional disorders, digestive issues, cancer, pain management, and women’s health. 

Stephanie is a strong believer of incorporating traditional chinese medicine along with western medicine to treat illness and to preserve wellness.  She believes the charm of oriental medicine is an ability to utilize this system of medicine without separating the mind from the body.  As your practitioner, she will look at your health, emotionally and physically, and will see you as a whole person rather than just your illness.